How a tech student from Bengaluru, India, started his own IPRN business.

The IPRN industry has produced many spinoffs in recent years but one that is rarely mentioned is how IPRN has helped many young entrepreneurs start their fist business and achieve independence.

The spread of the International Premium Rate Numbersindustry has given rise to a growing number of inspiring stories of entrepreneurs from remote corners all over the world. Thaku, who built a successful IPRN business through, is one such example.

It all started 3 years ago

The Indian Telecommunication Industry – telephony, internet and television have been supported by a series of satellites connecting each part of India to the rest of the world. More and more telecom & IPRN companies launched, which has led to an influx of technology in the market.

Thaku, a 23 years old student at the Jain University of Technology saw the opportunity and started a successful career. Thaku is among those millennials who have pursued their passion. By choosing technology and combining it with his passion and entrepreneurial spirit Thaku managed to grow from a regular student into a successful business owner.

For him, his passion was about tutoring his colleagues on Java Programming. He hasbeen doing that for several years, and every day he had at least 3 private classes toteach. He started losing motivation and focus, which is something a lot of young entrepreneurs struggle with. Burnout was beginning to set and his income stream started to decline as a result of this.

“After many years of tutoring, I had gotten to a point where it was getting hard for me to get out of bed in the morning”, Thaku said. He was exhausted, felt like he could not do anything. He was burning out fast so he started to think of a more easyway to teach his students and maintain his livelihood.

He was overworked, his productivity was dropping and his students started noticing. If he wouldn’t find a solution soon he would run out of business and disappointing his friends and family was not an option.

He started to think outside the box...

“I remember one night I came across IVR technology on Digit Forum, a well-known local platform. Then I learned that I can record my lessons and start selling them through an IVR system.”

What is an IVR?

IVR stands for interactive voice response, but in business terms, it refers to a large umbrella of software-based communication solutions.

The key to success

Thaku started promoting his tutoring-in-mass business through the help of social media. Soon he was working only 4 hours a day instead of 12. But the fact that he was promoting his small business triggered an explosion. He wasn’t prepared for the boom that was about to come. More and more students started using Thaku’s lessons and it wasn’t long before he was a bit of a celebrity on campus. And he had to opportunity to choose a partner that would monetize the calls.

Curiously, he found just after the launch, in May 2020. After screening the market, Thaku came to the conclusion that many of the companies were categorized by lack of user experience, which didn’t give him enough confidence to work with them.

“As soon as I saw Dashboard, I fell in love. I was visually pleased anda helpful tutorial carried me through all the menu. I was delighted by their platform and wrote them a message. Within minutes, Maya responded and assisted me in setting up my account.

At that point, Thaku started an automatic mechanism to educate his customers.

“Many of my friends and family have told me that technology won’t have a huge impact in my life”.

None of this deterred the young entrepreneur. And through the years, he proved trough IPRN. – reword this.

Thaku found a reliable partner to give him the best rates in order to monetize his recorded materials. In this way, he was maximizing the profit he was earning. Thakuis currently earning between 2.500$ – 3.500$ per month only by tutoring through IVR.

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