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Fraud disclaimer


ATX Express LTD. wishes to draw the attention of our customers and members of the general public to the prevalence of fraudulent activity being perpetuated by fraudsters who aim to deceive and defraud our customers and the general public.

IPRN Fraud Measures

ATX Express LTD. does not support, encourage, condone or payout fraudulent traffic. We will cooperate fully with any authorities contacting us regarding fraudulent traffic. More than that, ATX Express LTD. reserves the right to withhold payments for any traffic it suspects as being fraudulent.
In case you are reselling our premium rate lines you shall bind your client to the rules below. You shall maintain fair and professional business practice towards peers and customers at all times. All services offered by you to customers shall be lawful and freely provide service information in a manner that promotes and preserves the principle of freedom of choice for customers in a fully informed environment. You shall not mislead or seek to deceive customers regarding advertising, content, operation or billing of services. You shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection of minors from exploitation in any manner including exposure to inappropriate service content.

Fraud and Security

We will cooperate in the identification and elimination of fraudulent telemedia activities. You shall monitor traffic and conduct analysis independently or in cooperation with us to identify abnormal trends or events.

  • You shall ensure that all services under your control are provided subject to all proprietary interests, rights, authorisations, licences and permissions including intellectual property rights having been obtained and any such requirement of law complied with as may be necessary to enable service to be made available to callers.
  • All services must comply with the laws of the country within which the service is advertised or promoted.
  • Where appropriate, all services shall be preceded by an announcement that callers are required to be aged 18 years or over.
  • Services offering specialist advice or opinion must state the source of the information at the beginning of the programme.
  • Services which reflect a particular religious or political viewpoint should pay due regard to the sensibilities of those who may reasonably hold differing beliefs or opinions.
  • If not provided by the carrier, all services must include a welcome message, informing the caller about the price per minute /per call at the beginning of the call.
  • If not done by the carrier, you will terminate calls after the maximal allowed duration of connections as stated by the carrier, the national regulator or in our documentation. The maximum duration can also be defined by a maximum amount of cost for the caller.


  • You are responsible for the technical quality of speech, audio, data or video content of services presented to customers
  • You shall make all reasonable efforts to monitor the content, quality and related promotions for services under your control.


  • Advertising for telemedia services shall be restricted to appropriate media, which match the content, nature and general tone of advertising and programme material.
  • All advertising shall include information of relevant call charges.
  • All advertising shall include Service Operator contact details for customer contact or complaint.


The following requirements are offered as Guidelines for dialler software accessing domestic premium rate or international calls.

Clear Product Description

An overview of the product offered together with a brief outline of how the service will be presented to the customer.

Call Cost Information

A statement of the call cost expressed on a per minute basis or, if feasible, the total cost of the call will be presented to the customer.

Acceptance of Disclaimer

The user should confirm by ticking a check box or by clicking a 'confirm' button that they accept the overall disclaimer information. The set-up process should not proceed without such confirmation.

Age Disclaimer

The user should confirm by ticking a check box or by clicking a 'confirm' button that they are of the specified age to access the service. The set-up process should not progress without such confirmation.

Acceptance of Call Charges

The user must confirm by ticking a check box or by clicking a 'confirm' button that they accept and understand that the call charges will be included as an item on the telephone bill. The set-up process should not proceed without such confirmation.

Audio Call Progress

Call set-up information is to be provided at least in audio format. Dialling and modem tones should not be suppressed.

Our customers are strongly advised to seek information/clarifications by contacting our business office directly and/or online through support@audiotext.com or call us directly to our customer service at 000000000000.

Our Principal Address for Correspondence is: The Riverside Forum, 2nd Floor, 2A Ioanninon & Cheilonos Streets, Nicosia 1065.