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What are international premium rate numbers?

International premium numbers are used to run a variety of services such as live chat, recorded chat, dating services, informational, educational and conferencing services. The premium numbers work by paying a rate for every minute of traffic that is received to them.

Do I have to pay to sign up?

To sign up is free. We pay you for minutes delivered to the numbers allocated to you but you will never have to pay us. A tip for you is that no international premium rate numbers provider should charge you to open an account.

How can I register for your IPRN services?

Anyone who wants to be our IPRN customer can easily subscribe and start to use our platform in one easy step. Just fill the Quick Registration form with your email address and after clicking a validation link we will send to it you’re good to go. You will be able to log into your account, allocate numbers and start running traffic within minutes.

Please keep in mind that in order for us to be able to process payment for your traffic you will need to complete a Full Registration form.

How long does it take to set up an IPRN account?

Your premium rate number account set up as soon as you click the validation link in the email we will send you. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes before you can start allocating numbers.

Who can register for your premium rate number services?

We welcome anybody who can generate traffic (calls) to international premium rate numbers to sign up. We welcome all customers from any country to become our partners.

How are the calls delivered?

The premium rate number calls can terminate on our online portal to an IVR of your choosing. We also have the capability to terminate the call on your portal, if you have one, by routing the calls to your IP address.

Why are so many countries offered?

We have over 3000 ranges covering over 70 countries world wide. They all offer different access depending on origination and different rates.

How often do your solutions pay?

Different countries have different payment cycles and rates. Please see our rate card for further information. We also offer weekly payments on most of our ranges. Speak to us for more info.

How do you pay your customer?

The most common way we pay our users is through Bank Transfer. If we don’t yet support your preferred method for receiving payment we are always open to look into it further to make sure you get paid in the most comfortable way for you.

Do you have an online portal so I can monitor my stats?

Our customers can monitor all numbers allocated to them, historical statistics, real time and live statistics showing every call that we can see.

Are rates negotiable?

We deal with clients who really make things happen, and everything is negotiable subject to volume.

When do you not pay for traffic?

If we identify the usage of hacked PBXs, fraudulent SIM cards, and so forth, we will immediately withhold payments due and inform the relevant authorities.

Unlike other businesses, if we receive any information regarding any indication of payment issues, we will forward all correspondence directly to you. Having said this, the only occasion we will not pay is if we have not been paid – WE WILL ALWAYS PAY IF WE GET PAID.

I already use another company – can I use you as well?

We are aware that there are many IPRN (international premium rate number) providers. So, of course, you are free to deal with whoever you want. Many of our new clients work with others but as soon as they start working with us, they stay just with us.

Do you operate solely in office hours?

NO. We appreciate that your business runs 24/7 so we aim to be as available to you as possible via IM, email or phone.

When do I get paid for delivered traffic?

We offer weekly and monthly payouts for all ranges. For weekly we process payments each Monday, and monthly on each 15th of the month.

What currency do you pay in?

We use USD for all payments and rates, but we will soon launch more. Feel free to Contact us for suggestions.

What does the PREFIX in front of every destination mean?

This is the country code of the number. For example UK is +44, Spain is +34, Italy is +39, etc.

How many destinations can I use?

As many as you want. We do not limit our customers to any maximum number of destinations or numbers. As long as you have traffic you can terminate it to as many numbers as you want.

Can I dial one county from within the same country?

Our numbers are INTERNATIONAL Premium Rate Numbers. This means that if for example you are calling a Latvia range, you can never do it from inside Latvia – Has to be from outside this country.

Can I dial (send traffic) one number from several other numbers at a time?

Yes you can, but we limit every number with maximum simultaneous calls from one caller ID as well as some daily limits for each number.

Why some test numbers are not reachable from my country/territory?

This happens because some operators don’t allow calls to premium numbers for an international operator.

We work hard to open this for our customers so you can enjoy the benefits of this. The best way to ensure your numbers are reachable from your desired origination country is to simply call the test number and see your call in the live panel before allocating the ranges.

Can I add standard IVR to every numbers I use from your platform?

Yes you can. Simply choose the IVR you wish when allocating your numbers.

Can you send calls to my switch?

Yes we can. You can terminate calls on our platform or your own if you have one. Just provide your IP information when going through the Full Registration process.

Do you offer real time statistics?

Yes, all our statistics are updated in realtime.