Nicosia, Cyprus, Release: 27 July 2020. For immediate release.

ATX Express LTD, a telecoms company based in Cyprus has successfully launched - a next-generation IPRN platform.

The company is a leading provider of international premium rate numbers (IPRN), premium call numbers, payout numbers and wholesale terminations. Their focus is to deliver new technology that assists their worldwide customers grow their businesses.

Full details about the new app can be found at is an amazingly effective solution for Premium Rate Numbers entrepreneurs looking to maximize their profit margins.

In the past 2 years, the ATX Express team has carefully developed a user-friendly IPRN platform, providing worldwide users and re-sellers enhanced IPRN platform functionalities.

The product is now live and accepting registrations. Anybody can create an account, with only an email address required, and use to:

  • Test access to IPRN from anywhere in the world
  • Choose if they would like to receive weekly or monthly payments
  • Easily assign premium-rate numbers to their account
  • Forward calls to their own equipment, or use the solution hosted by
  • Generate call detail records (CDR’s) as well as other report types
  • View and filter their live calls in real time
  • Manage invoices and other financial documents strives to supply worldwide partners with superior access, a user-friendly platform, world-class 24/7 support and aims to become the leader in developing great telecom experiences through IPRN technology.

Again, those wishing to learn more about the new modern IPRN dashboard can do so at the following address:

Contact Info:
Name: Radu Ciocan
Address: The Riverside Forum, 2A Cheilonos St., 2nd floor, Nicosia 1101, Cyprus
Phone Number: +40 727 398 026.

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