Ahmed Ashour is the founder and owner of 500 Downtown Pizza, a highly successful, full-service restaurant specializing in high quality, gourmet pizza in Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates, a city of 40,000 citizens.

One of the most remarkable and noteworthy parts of Ahmed’s story is that in addition to being a world class restaurant operator he's also a 1 Time World Pizza Champion a World Medalist Pizza Acrobat, holding more international medals. Growing up in a small city and becoming not only a successful business owner but also an international pizza champion makes Michael somewhat of a local legend.

Ahmed implemented International Premium Rate Numbers on his business and now he benefits from more revenue. His idea was to allocate a premium rate number from AudioText.com and to easily set-up a custom IVR that would allow users to customize their order in an automated way.

Also, for reservation calls he set up another premium rate number from the next-generation IPRN platform. His statistics are the following:

  • He receives daily ~50 reservations, and turns 100$ daily profit on average only from reservation calls.
  • He receives daily ~150 IVR orders, and turns 350$ daily profit on average, only from order calls.

Like many, if not most, independent operators, Michael came from humble beginnings and through massive amounts tenacity, hard work and dedication he's become one of the most respected and highly regarded local entrepreneurs. His approach towards technology & IPRN grants him 450$ daily profit only by using IPRN services.

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